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👋 Hey there, I'm Sarah

I know what it's like to suffer from symptoms and have nowhere to turn

❌ Struggling with low energy and waking up exhausted every day

❌ Wanting to be healthier but juggling a crazy schedule

❌ Loving the idea of showing up to any event feeling confident (even in a bathing suit) but not knowing how to get there

❌ Frustrated with weight gain, hormonal mood swings, brain fog, and other symptoms only to be told that "your labs are fine, it's just part of getting older"

❌ Figuring you'll just put up with it and that this way of living is the new normal *Sigh*

Here's the Problem


You truly believe that your body is changing as you age and you want answers


But when you talk with your traditional medical provider, you can't find a reason


You need someone to help you identify the root cause so you can feel better

What's included

  • 4 days of information specifically designed by a functional medicine provider $270 value

  • Daily videos providing detailed insight into the WHY behind your symptoms $250 value

  • Daily worksheets which accompany the videos which allow you to evaluate your own metabolism and symptoms $200 value

  • A customized solution that you can start implementing immediately to reverse the damage to your metabolism and start healing your body naturally

  • Delivered right to your inbox to watch anytime, no need to show up in a Facebook group or attend a live session



What you get with the "Metabolism Mastery Mini Course"

DAY 1: Evaluate your hormones

DAY 2: Evaluate hidden causes

DAY 3: Calculate your Metabolism

DAY 4: Get solutions that work for you

"Saved my sanity!"

I felt like my body changed overnight. I couldn't keep up with my life, I had no sex drive, I was exhausted all of the time and I was gaining weight for no reason. I talked with my doctor and was told that all of my labs were fine.

But after working with Sarah, I learned what was happening with my metabolism and my body.

I am so grateful because I made just a few tweaks and feel like my old self again!


~ Lisa M, lost 27lbs, increased energy and libido

Why listen to me?

I am a Functional Medicine Physician Assistant with over 20 years of clinical experience. I am also a certified Health and Wellness Coach who specializes in helping women optimize metabolism, simplify healthy living, and feel amazing!

But more importantly, I am a busy mom with 4 kids who knows what it's like to be stressed, exhausted, and overwhelmed.

I've done the hard work so you don't have to! These plans have been designed to make healthy eating so simple that anyone can follow them.